Happy Spritz - Sweet Dreams Darling 3.4 oz

Happy Spritz - Sweet Dreams Darling 3.4 oz

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Say hello to your new favorite sleep spray. Sweet Dreams Darling® essential oil spray is our best selling lavender and chamomile blend that will promote relaxation and restful sleep. Whether you are getting ready to catch zzz's or just needing to calm your nerves while WFH or before a midday meeting, this blend will have you covered.

Babes + Pets:
Sweet Dreams Darling is great to use for both children + pets. For dogs: 1-3 sprays on fido's bed + in air around the pup will help ease nervousness or separation anxiety.  
For children: 1 spray on linens/pillows before a nap/bed to help soothe + relax and to create a calming bedtime ritual.

• keynotes: lavender essential oil + chamomile essential oil
• benefits: relaxing, calming, balancing, soothing, antibacterial
• ingredients: a proprietary blend of 100% essential oils including lavender, chamomile essential oil, poly suga mulse D9 (100% naturally derived emulsifier for blending oils). 
• use: face + body mist  *avoid contact with eyes
• size: 3.4oz/100ml frosted glass amber bottle

in the details:
 vegan + cruelty free
 made in california
a portion of all proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue

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