The Core ConfiDance by Ashley Criso 3/22 - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - STAY TUNED
The Core ConfiDance by Ashley Criso 3/22 - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - STAY TUNED

The Core ConfiDance by Ashley Criso 3/22 - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - STAY TUNED

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The Core Confidance Class: 

Start class with an intention, leave with a practice. 

Build your core, and find your consistent confidence. 

What we will do…

A 55 MIN fitness class focused on your core inside and out. Full body movements choreographed to music to keep you consistently confident. This class is dynamic; every time a song changes, the move changes.

Where we will go…

Explore your why. During class we emphasize the importance of finding your why which will lead you to your most confident self to get where you need to go. We move to empower our mind. To build confidence. To strengthen the CORE of ourselves and to DANCE out the heaviness the world puts on our shoulders.

The Breakdown:

•     3-5 Minute Warmup : 1 Songs 

•    10 Minute Core: 3 Songs 

•    10 Minute Upper: 3 Songs 

•    10 Minute Lower: 3 Songs

•    10 Minute Dance: 3 Songs

•    10 Minute Restorative Stretch: 3 Songs 

What you need: Workout Clothes, Sneakers & Mat


    Working out for me has always been a connection between mind and body. Many times I have entered a workout class nervous, anxious, tired, foggy, but I mostly leave feeling clear, fresh, empowered and most importantly, confident. But this feeling can be fleeting, a quick high that fades away when the world hits you with something stressful. My class strives to give you the tools to bring that feeling back when you are out in the world and you need it most. When the world is pulling you in different directions, I want to empower you to stay grounded and confident. 


    I’m Ashley, and I am always dancing to my own beat. My love for dance and fitness became one in the same at Saint Joseph’s University as a member of their nationally ranked competitive dance team. 

    After graduating, I began teaching fitness classes in Hoboken, NJ. I have been in the fitness + wellness industry for over 5 years, teaching over 400+ hours of classes.

    I am a certified NASM personal trainer who has trained brides, moms, and clients who want to be STRONG inside and out. My clients learn the value that building strength they can carry through your everyday life. 

    My commitment to health and fitness is driven by my belief that strength, dedication and passion can guide you through any obstacle in life. I wear my enthusiasm on my sleeve and I leads my clients with focus, compassion, and support. I am here to help you step out of your comfort zone with confidence, consistently.

Sunday, March 22nd 10:30am - $20

Limited Space

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