Our Story

After years in the hospitality business in NYC, Marisol - mother of four - moved to Hoboken in 2014 to find more space and opportunity for her growing family. It was here that she discovered a passion to create a place to connect with the community on many levels. ONE/SOL was birthed with that exact purpose.

The name ONE/SOL maybe comes slightly from her own, “Marisol,” but also from the question to her, “What makes your soul happy?” Her reply, “My happy place is all about the sun and water.” Interesting enough, that is also her name’s meaning, however she believes it’s so much more. SOL is universal, it’s collective, it’s the ONE and only, it’s the center. It’s a version of “SOUL” and the idea that we are ALL searching for something. Something that makes us whole… something that makes us happy.

Not only is ONE/SOL a lifestyle and wellness boutique that offers beautiful clothing and accessories to add confidence and color to someone’s wardrobe, but it’s also being celebrated as a unique haven for events, bringing all types of people and their fabulous energy together to experience parts of themselves... variations of wellness that can propel them to truly find “what makes their SOL happy”.